Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The intended audience for my blog is families who are looking to adopt children.  The goal is for them to be able to know what to expect when adopting children as well as have an idea of what the children may be feeling.

My first credible source is an article called "Genetic and Environmental Influences on Adult Life Outcomes: Evidence from the Texas Adoption Project" There are three authors for this article John C. Loehlin, Joseph M. Horn and Jody L. Ernst. The name of the journal is "Behavior Genetics" and the database I found it in is EBSCO.  I believe that this source is credible because it lists the authors and has an extensive bibliography of sources used to write the article.  The information presented is all factual.  It is based on surveys and detailed research.
This article is useful for my topic for multiple reasons.  It covers the topic of psychological issues in adopted children very well.  It includes a survey taken of children who were adopted when they were young and then again when they were older.  It goes into lots of details about what adopted children may face later in life as opposed to when they're young children.

My second credible source is an article called "Impact of Adoption on Adopted Persons."  It is found on the http://www.childwelfare.gov website and the specific article can be located at http://www.childwelfare.gov/pubs/f_adimpact.cfm .  This source is credible because for one it is from a government website.   It gives a valid list of resources and it was published in 2004 so it is still recent.   It is from the child welfare website so there's plenty of articles and publications out there to help families.  It is credible for my topic because it provides a lot of useful information on the emotional problems adopted children face.  It gives a list of recommended books for the audience to read that would also give more insight.  The information would give me a lot of knowledge on these issues adopted children face.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A glance.

For my blog I decided to choose the topic of adoption.  More specifically I chose to do the psychological and emotional effects of being adopted.  I'm adopted and like most children who are have faced a bunch of different trials and have finally found myself where I am today.  I have two great siblings who are both also adopted.  I was adopted from birth whereas my sister came when she was 4 and my brother when he was 2.  Most people may think that being adopted is awesome and wonderful and don't get me wrong, I do to yet there's a lot more then what meets the eye.  I'm hoping that by researching this topic it will allow me to look into my own life as well as my siblings and maybe figure out why things are the way they are today.  What issues from the first couple years of my sisters life are now coming in to play when she's a teenager?  How are the problems my brother faces daily related to the fact that his birthparents lived on the streets for the first two years of his life?

I already know a great deal about the emotional and psychological issues that come with adoption due to the fact that I've lived it and am living it every day with my family.  It's a topic close to my heart and I'm hoping by digging deeper and actually researching it will give me insight as to how to help my siblings.  My blog is open to whoever would like to know more, as well as anyone who's adopted and their families.  If you're looking to adopt in the future it might also be good to know about what dilemmas may come into play later in life.

I hope that this will give you a look into my own life as well as provide you with useful information about adoption and the positive and negative sides of it. :)

Oh, and my blog title has nothing to do with what I'm writing about, I just love Jesus.